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Facade signs are divided into:

- Cvitlovi signs, illuminated signs are designed to ensure that any time of the day we could see exactly what is shown on it. It uses internal lighting (fluorescent lamps) and outdoor light or spotlight lamps (incandescent, halogen or metal). Illuminated signs are divided into: light boxes (boxes) and three-dimensional signs. Light Boxes (lightboxes) - a design team that has a flat surface, which are under the lamp. Material surfaces can be represented by a special light scattering plastic or cloth banner. Signboards and light boxes are bilateral and can have various geometrical form. They are the most democratic type of outdoor advertising, affordable price and good looking.

- Nonlight signboards (no internal lighting), used as information signs, bearing information such as: company name, corporate identity, reflected in the brand image or logo, information about the type of the company, schedule and location of the company.

- Neon signs - konstuktsiya these signs include glass tubes filled with inert gas (argon, neon) luminous of elektrotonu. Neon signs make easy. Facade signs, which are made of neon vykorystannnyam usually associated with striking visual effects and long-term use, that is 40 years with proper use.


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