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Manufacture of small architectural forms turnkey!

The advantages of LFA are primarily slight material costs and manufacturing deadlines. At your request, we will offer you options for hardware, manufacturing and installation options for metal constructions, construction of small architectural forms and other architectural structures.

We also offer composite cladding facades.
Facing facades composite as exterior cladding of ventilated facades allow significantly transformed and create a unique, stylish and aesthetic appearance of any building and construction, while creating a bright touch of richness in bored tones of gray metropolis, which, of course, has a good impression on passers-by, potential customers and helps to attract new audiences. Especially in a climate in Russia that is not too pampered us an abundance of sunlight and vividness of colors throughout the year.

Facing facades composite - are widely used to give the building a stylish, aesthetic appearance. It is worth noting that for the facade cladding composite panel is not necessary to conduct any further preparatory work on the preparation of the walls. This will simplify your work, save money.
With the help of the composite panel, you will have plenty of opportunities to implementing design ideas, due to the wide variety of colors and textures.

The composite does not have a strong load-bearing structures, foundations.




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