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Light boxes

Illuminated signs, light boxes (light boxes) is also one of the most common types of outdoor advertising. With them stvoryuэyetsya attractive appearance of the building during the day and at night they serve as an independent decorative element, drawing attention transgressors.

In the manufacture light boxes advertising use modern materials (plastics and lighting obladhnannnya). Front side light signs made of acrylic, which by means of adhesive tape applied photography (film or by applications with color printing). It uses special types of films that provide natural color reproduction under illumination from inside, and is resistant to various external influences. Signboard for a long time does not fade, does not crack, not destroyed by high temperatures (operating fluorescent lamps on Wednesday signs emit a large amount of heat).

Typically as the Jhelum light used fluorescent lamps. This is a cheaper solution. But the large surface area of ​​vykorystannnya be inappropriate. They will consume a large amount of electricity and operation signs (when saving in manufacturing light-boxes) becomes unprofitable. In this case vykorustovuyutsya more modern and economic lighting devices.

Light-boxes can be:
• one-way;
• bilateral.

 Unilateral attached directly to the wall or using metal frame. Bilateral attached with metal frame.


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