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Neon signs - the most effective form of outdoor illuminated signs. Neon signs is popular all over the world. Typically, neon, or rather glass tubes filled with neon or argon are used in conjunction with a sign or letter, that makes advertising more visible light, effective and efficient.


Neon signs distributed as widely as light box and double-sided light box, but this type of illuminated signs, neon implemented on materials more reliable.

For the production of neon products our company uses raw materials of American company EGL - this neon tube (colors - 52 colors and hue), Electrodes and components, high-voltage cable. Neon signs connected using only high-quality transformers Siet Italian and American Ventex.

Production of neon lights of any complexity, rendering services for configuration neon tubes in the objects of advertising and interior Calculating the number of transformers, electrical loads, the development and manufacturing of devices for animation and tsvetodelenyya - this and more we offer valued customers.


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