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Volume letters

Volumetric letters - one of the most effective and universal types of outdoor advertising. Qualitatively made, varied in color and form, they invariably attract attention. A wide range of materials, types of lighting and production technologies allow to make almost any advertising design using three-dimensional letters, and in combination with other forms of outdoor advertising - realize the imagination of the designer, create a unique personal style.

There are several basic types of manufacturing letters:

tablets flat or three-dimensional letters - made of plastic PVC or acrylic glass, can be flat and have a thickness of 1 to 10mm or bulky and have a depth of 100mm (depending on the height of the letters). Most of these letters are set by remote holders.

light volume letters with internal illumination. The most common type. In essence they are the light box complex shape. The front part of the letters made of acrylic glass with application of vinyl film with the effect of light scattering. The back of the letters usually made of plastic PVC. For internal illumination of volumetric letters applied: luminescent energy saving lamps, neon tubes and LED modules, enabling the organization of various light dynamic effects.

large letters with the effect of "kontrazhur." Face and face of such letters made of PVC. The rear wall letters made of transparent plexiglass. Inside letters set LEDs. These letters are mounted on the wall using a remote holders and at night around letters formed a unique and very spectacular aura, so-called "kontrazhur."

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