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Ultraviolet printing

Modern UV inks are made from polymerized by UV radiation substances. Polymerization process is irreversible because inks are rich, bright, fat-and water-resistant, durable create images with high resistance to abrasion and chemically active substances. Using UV ink otverzhdayemyh solves a major technological problems - slow consolidation of conventional offset inks in print. This greatly expands the range of materials available for printing. Excellent ink adhesion properties allow to apply paint on any basis.



Ease of use:
One-component UV inks, they do not evaporate element because they combine the properties of instant freeze on sealed surface and not dry on the printer. Since UV inks are required preliminary dilution solvent (paints come in ready to use form) significantly reduces preparation for printing. After hardening UV ink no risk "smearing" print. This speeds up production and reduces the percentage of marriage.

Environmentally friendly:
Prolonged contact with the skin UV ink otverzhdaemye quite aggressive, they can cause an allergic reaction. Along with this component of the ink are less pronounced odor compared to solvent ink, which allows for UV printing in the interior.Work powerful UV dryers causes to the body of harmful ozone. This disadvantage is eliminated after the installation of special ozone filters.

Unlimited choice of material for sealing:
• Paper carrier (matte and glossy paper, for fotoosnove)
• Polymer films (glossy, matte, coated with svetorasseyvayuschym)
• Banner materials (synthetic basis with waterproof coating)
• Textiles (canvas and synthetic fabric)
• Walls-paper
• Glass, Plexiglas
• Granite, marble
• Metal, composite material
• Wood, MDF, chipboard, cork coating
• PVC penokarton.

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