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3D cutting

We offer services for cutting and milling of different materials, with the exception of ferrous metals, and engraving.


- Purchase of material for you (if necessary with your suppliers);
- Pofrezuem quality;
- Deliver the finished products to you.

The list of works performed:

Cutting and curly cutting sheet materials. Milling solid wood, plastic, PVC, aluminum composite panels, plexiglass, aluminum, polycarbonate, chipboard, plywood etc.

Technological engraving sheet materials. Milling cutters special letter to a certain depth in the corner unit or detachment of the radius, grooves engraving technology for building structures without specialized outdoor advertising.

Engraving of plexiglass. Creating drawing on Plexiglas.

Engraving plates and labels. Obtaining images on two-layer plastic (Graflux) and similar materials. Image formed by removing the engraver of the material the same color, under which the visible layer of material of a different color.

Figured cutting (milling) plexiglass. Cutting plexiglass thickness up to 25 mm

Milling Services in advertising
Milling of PVC - a kind of treatment using rotating cutters. This process often used in advertising. With milling can produce stands and signs of any shape, size, custom designs and three-dimensional letters.

What are the features of this method? Using metal processing, can achieve maximum image transmission with high accuracy according drawing and a great rate Sewing-work and the ability to create three-dimensional designs. Also easy and convenient process using plastic milling.

Milling of PVC or polyvinyl chloride contains milling of composite material that is often used in outdoor advertising. This material is resistant to weather changes, has plasticity and timeless atmosphere of the city to action. Due to the properties of PVC, this material can produce parts of various shapes and sizes.

Another advantage of milling, is that such treatment almost no chips on the lower side. This reduces costs for further processing. This process is very complex. It is controlled by the computer technology that very accurately perform all actions in accordance with the drawings. The whole process is performed using the milling machine. Materials for such work can be very different: plastic, acrylic, foam, wood, soft metals, PVC and others. Metal can be horizontal and vertical, different angles and different shapes.

Often milling services using interior designers, thus allowing them to process create unusual interior details. There is another type of milling - a milling engraving. It is applied to the image and terrain surface. It actually 3dizobrazhenie. Milling engraving used in creating bulk logos, embossed plates, number plates, tokens more. This image is advantageous to use in outdoor advertising, because it is unusual and of interest to your company and products.

If you decide to please their customers an unusual sign, you should contact the company with milling materials. Experts help to accurately perform the work, translate your idea into reality.

Engraving of wood. Performance figures on wood for furniture production.

Cutting characters and patterns in sheet

Production of plates, number plates, signs

Making preparations for volume letters

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