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Operational printing

Operational printing - a printing section dealing with rapid manufacturing printing products. Uses computers and appropriate software zabezpechennya.Operatyvna printing (in other words - digital printing) - a high-quality, fast, profitable and inexpensive kind reklamy.Novitnye equipment for digital printing offers the following activities that seemed impossible a couple of years ago. Once operational printing associated primarily with one-color business cards and postcards made at rizografe. And runs were quite limited. Today everything has changed. Modern equipment allows digital printers a new type to compete with traditional "big" printers in circulation and quality of full-color products, but to carry out orders much more quickly.

Digital printing has several advantages:

1. High efficiency.

2. Characteristics of color in digital full-color printing significantly higher than conventional offset printing.

3. Ability to use virtually any material, including self-adhesive paper and film, design paper etc.

4. Digital printing using conventional Cretaceous paper can not only save money, but at the same time achieve the highest quality booklets etc. products.

The list of services in this area is quite wide:

- Operational printing booklets

- Operational Brochure

- Operational printing leaflets

- Quick printing business cards and badges

- Print posters and posters

- Printing calendars

- Printing of forms

- Printing of presentation materials

- Full color digital print covers for CDs

- Printing greeting cards, invitations for weddings and other celebrations

- Printing folders

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